This furniture was designed and built for a house in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is a city of extreme water conditions. It is a city of waterways with a water table close to the ground’s surface. Each year there is a dry season when everything is covered with a fine light mud colored dust and a rainy season when snakes emerge. The house is like a tank that holds this environment. The living room has a green-grey granite floor; a canal with a glass floor runs along side, bringing light through the water to the level below. The furniture was conceived as inhabitants of this tank-like house—inhabitants of the different aquatic states. We developed the designs of the furniture from conceptual sketches into shop drawings through models and prototypes, supervised and coordinated the fabrication involving numerous materials and trades and were involved in the fabrication of several of the pieces directly ourselves. A few designs were fabricated in Thailand from our prototypes and drawings.

Cloud Chair suspends the sitter in a relaxed way. The chair seems to float; its legs tethering it to the floor. Bluish leather, neoprene padded upholstery, down and foam filled cushion, fiberglass shell, milled stainless steel legs.

An extremely comfortable daybed, the Wave Daybed, one finds the undulation that fits. The bolster can be placed to cancel out a hollow. Quilted fabric covering, foam upholstery, wood frame, milled stainless steel feet.

A traditionally constructed Underwater Chair. The swell of the inside of the chair gently holds the sitter upright and submerged. Asparagus leather, horse-hair and cotton padded upholstery, ash frame, milled stainless steel feet.

The bottom surface of the Puddle Table is shaped to follow the natural curve that a hanging form takes. Steel cables sit in grooves and suspend the table top between the four legs. Cast glass, stainless steel cable, milled and bolted stainless steel frame.

A pair of cast glass blocks forms a comfortable seat. Repeated, the four blocks form the seating for two and the undulating surface of the River Bench. The frame is constructed of milled and bolted stainless steel elements. The frame elements are faceted to receive and hold the glass—much like a gem setting.

The design for Fossil Rug is based upon the fossil beds that are formed in sedimentary material in riverbeds.