3sixØ Architecture is part of a partnership with Friedrich St.Florian Architects called Studio Providence, LLC.  Studio Providence collaborated with Odeh Engineers of North Providence on the design of the runner-up bridge proposal in the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge Competition.



A heroically uncovered river and relocated highway in a historic city filled with promise.


Existing structural piers; two parks separated by a river; a culturally rich but economically challenged city.


The iconic New England fishing pier: a place you want to go to, a way of getting there and a way of going somewhere else.


a design that is for this time, this place, inspired by its past and its future

a bridge that is timeless

a destination that celebrates the recovered river without re-covering it

a significant public space that extends the celebratory events of the river south

a design that employs an economy of means

a public crossing that can be sustainably and inexpensively maintained

a design that is realizable given budgetary and scheduling limits


utilize the given structure as a solution not a problem

utilize the given geometry as the generator of the design

utilize the full length of the given piers for covered event spaces

utilize a proposed canopy for solar collection

utilize solar generated power for lighting and pathway heating

The inspiration of the iconic New England fishing pier and floating shell hull, coheres the authentic industrial grit of the harbor and lovely urbane waterfront. Through the use of geometry, materials and design, we marry the context of a traditionally rich College Hill/Fox Point neighborhood and the technologically driven and forward-thinking Jewelry/Knowledge district. This straight-forward solution presents an economic way towards making the promise of Providence a reality.

Renderings: Friedrich St.Florian Architects and studio amd